Contacting Mabel :)

So how do you contact me?

The fastest and easiest way –  add a comment.  I always reply to everyone – if you take the time to post a comment I will reply 100% of the time.

PLUS – I am a bit of a pin nutcase, so follow me on Pinterest, the link will take you straight to my page.


If pinning or commenting is not your thing.  I am on Twitter.  You should be able to see my feed in the sidebar.  Just click on the feed and it will take you over to my twitter page :).  When we are travelling – I tweet a lot I use it as my main form of contact while we are away and even when we are home, come to think of it.


If your on Instagram, let me know so I can follow you AND add me so you can see what we are up too – away and at home (look for the user mabelandcalvin) or again click on the feed within the sidebar – that will take you there.

I don’t throw out my email, I just end up with too much spammers – and I don’t know about you but I HATE junk mail!

So that is pretty much it 🙂 I do hope you follow us.  Let me know your links so I can return the follow and keep up with you as well 🙂

Hugs to all the new following and don’t forget to hit the like buttons as well.  Nice to know that there are others reading my posts other than poor old Calvin 🙂





Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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