Project 52, Travel

Week one has arrive!

Welcome 2018 what took you so long!

With the start of the new year – starts our new project – Project 52.

Project 52, in brief is where I am (hoping to) travel and post every weekend of 2018! Since the 1st January 2018 is a Monday, I thought I would drop in and pre post – YEP the PROJECT is a GO!


As such, we are currently away – for the sake of the project you know LOL. And to aide with all the details, photos and material that I am and will be collecting while we are on the road; I am using a neat journal app called ‘Day One’. Since a lot of my fellow bloggers are also avid journal writers I wanted to share.  It’s hard to find good apps for daily journaling and when you do – its nice idea to pass on the love and share 😉

So the day has finally arrived – the start of 2018 and PROJECT 52 – woohoo… hope to see you back next week…



Project 52, Travel

Kick off…. one more week!

WELL – the time has almost arrived. And as usual, I haven’t posted in some TIME! Life getting in the way all the time LOL! Even though I haven’t posted a weekly post prior to the start of Project 52; I still have every intention to post every week for 2018.

To start with we are taking off this weekend for New Years – so at least I have fresh material for my first Project 52 post – PHEW. There is a lot planed for 2018 travel wise. To mention a few exciting planned event, a New Years Eve Ball, a week in Hawaii, and sailing the high seas from China to Australia – told you I had heaps to fill in the 52 weeks 😉

So, what am I doing leading up to all this you ask? I COULD say planning, booking or even cleaning camera equipment. BUT that would be a little white lie – the truth is that I have been adding to our road tripping playlist and watching Netflix!

I did find the charger to the video camera and plugged it in! Does that count? In fairness -everything has been preplanned and booked so everything that needs to be done has kinda been done.

So – saying this, since today (New Zealand time) it is Friday, I better sign off, publish this and better start charging the camera batteries and dusting off Calvin’s tux and my cocktail dress for the ball!

With that – I wish you all a happy new year! Thanks for putting up with my posts and rants! Hope to see you back to follow my new project – Project 52!

Be safe – have fun – be happy!

❤ M xxx

Project 52, Travel

T Minus six weeks to Project 52

Six whole weeks before our 2018 Project 52 kicks off!  So far I have laid most of the groundwork for creating a travel-related outing for 52 weekends.  This ever so little foundation is a pretty good start.  The groundwork consists of me working out the ‘how’s’.


  • How am I going to work everything out?
  • How am I going to blog about the project?
  • How am I going to convince Calvin this project is just what he needs to complete his life!

So far, I have started with the easy ‘how’s’.  Like how am I going to organise the travel details?  I decided the best plan was to keep it simple, and I have split my “Travel Recipe Book” into four categories:

  1. Day road trips
  2. Weekender’s
  3. NZ long road trips
  4. International Trips

Now, I had to add number 4, mostly because I know we have at least two international flights lined up for 2018, and those are planned travels.  If I don’t account for international outings, either personal or work-related – I will fail to complete the 52-weekend challenge.  And failure my friends is not an option I am not open too.


Rule number one in project management: ALWAYS count on something unexpected cropping up!  The unexpected is ALWAYS expected – this way even if something out of the blue pops up, you can adjust and continue on the planned track seamlessly.

In regards to the question, how am I going to blog about the project?  I decided at least in the planning stages; I will blog once a week – at this stage, I am thinking every Monday (New Zealand time).  I will, of course, rethink the frequency once the project is in full swing – but at a minimum, again at least one post once a week even during the project sounds like a feasible option in our busy lives.

I still haven’t worked out my how to ‘Calvin’ issue – but after this long, I am sure I will be able to iron out that issue once I put my mind to it.  And anyway, that’s a post in its self LOL!  Til next week my friends, when the countdown to the start date is one week nearer!