Christmas came early

How lucky am I?  Christmas has come early for me, thanks to the lovely Calvin – as per usual.  He replaced my now deceased Mac Book Air with a lovely new laptop.  In typical Calvin fashion, the replacement laptop is not an Apple.  Even though the love of my life has not only an iPhone, but also an iPad Pro – yet, he still believes that he is anti Apple products and that I am an Apple-fan-girl.

But I cant complain – I have a new laptop, who cares what brand it is!  Which only goes to show, I am not an Apple fan girl, as Calvin would like to believe.

Now, I have to say, nothing beats that feeling of a new keyboard, be it a new laptop keyboard or a new keyboard on its own.  You see, for me the first week of a new keyboard is like the first month of a new car – the new keyboard just has that new car smell/feel to it and no matter what you are typing it simple has an AWESOME feel to it!

Which will make it a WHOLE LOAD easier to get back into posting on the blog, I have to tell you – WIN-WIN thing currently happening LOL.  Now I am off, as I  have a new toy to finish up setting up.

All for you guys REAALLLLY LOL.



Six months later and…

WOW, how fast the last six months have gone by – without blogging that is.  I really have no reason for the lack of posts, its just one of those things.  A simple case of life getting in the way.


But things are about to change (again).  I am about to leave full time work and return to university for a year of post grad studies.  Leaving work should free up a little time for me to get back into my blogging and taking photos; two things that have been pushed to the side while working.


What I hope will happen is while I am waiting for my last day of work to arrive, that I will be able to start to planning my 2019 posts and places to visit.  If there is one thing that I have learnt over the years of blogging, is that if I don’t plan, even a little planning – chances are, no plan no post.  The no plan no post theory has been proven correct over the past six absent months from the blog.  I am guessing that the posts won’t start flowing again straight away, not until mid to late January (2019) – which will be when I leave work.  Although, I am hoping to post a few times before the end of the year and before I restart university, mostly so I can try to get back onto the swing of things.

So until next time…



Coffee – I love it – sometimes…

If you didn’t already know, I like my coffee. Now as always, I am not a normal coffee drinker. It just would not be in true form if I was a normal coffee drinker now would it LOL. I oddly only drink coffee when I am out or travelling. I very rarely drink coffee at home or at someone else’s home. While I am at home or visiting a friends house, I then become a tea drinker? Work that one out???

Saying this, even though I only drink coffee while I am out and about I have noticed a very gradual change with my coffee purchases. Over the years the average price of a takeaway coffee has increased. Nothing surprising there. BUT it is the size of the takeaway cup that has me questioning things. The size of the average take away coffee has slowly decreased. To the point the other day that I had to ask the lady at the counter if she had given me the incorrect order or the incorrect size. My coffee was THAT small, I truely believed she had given me someone else’s or she had misheard my order 😱.

Now, I am not a coffee snob, BUT it is sad that I almost have to give in to the sheep and go to a chained coffee shop (see cartoon logo on the Zombie for which one). And even then, I have to order what I considered to be a large coffee and ask for a Venti. Isn’t large, large? I can hear you all shouting out COFFEE SNOB. BUT outside of America, Zombie-Buck coffees just simply aren’t the best. They are WAY too sweet and hardly ever taste like a coffee. I am guessing this is mostly because they use their own branded milk – overly sweet American tasting milk.

NOW – stop right there if you are about to slam me for American-bashing. I love America and LOVE visiting America. You just have to read past posts to see how much I love America – HECK, I have visited 47 of 50 American States. In my opinion, I just find America a tad too sweet favoured – food wise, but that is a whole other post and I will have to leave that for another day. As, I am currently out and about, and my coffee order has just been called – well they called out Fable – so I am guessing that’s Mabel.