Im not so good with conformity … can you tell?

As you are guessing, I am not so good with conformity.  Posting to a ‘set’ structure really isn’t me and frankly, a tad constraining.  Blogging structure like, on Tuesdays we post about travel.  Wednesday, well Wednesdays are wordless; but you can throwback your Thursday’s ARHHHHHHH.  Yes YES, I know I can set my blog up how ever I wish too – there are no true set in stone rules or guidelines.  But after some time of blogging, certain styles and structure form; especially with certain types of blogs.  Sadly, the longer you blog; these structure become very clear and very standardised – and very done.  Even the themes and hashtags that we all use – they are, in a way – restricting our creativity.


But it seems the more I try to conform, the less I post.  And to be honest what is the point of towing the line when I am not enjoying it.  Especially when it seems that when I am free writing I seem to post frequently and most importantly – I feel I enjoy my blog as much as I hope the people that drop by do.  After a bit of time away and reflecting a few thoughts on exactly WHY I blog – I have decided to throw out all forms of conformity – and just get back to why I started in the first place.  From today I am going to blog whatever drops into my crazy uncomforted mind.  No longer will I constrict myself, my creatively nor my blog to travelling Tuesdays and wordless Wednesday’s.  HECK, I might throw caution into the wind and do a WEEK of wordlessness – why should Wednesday be so lucky and wordless? :O.


Just think of the scandal – no words for a week!  Then totally confuse everyone and write poems or recipes for the following week.  What is better?  Blogging to a set structure – where posts are forced and infrequent.  Or blogging for pleasure, sharing my adventures and creative self.  Getting back to the grass roots of just what WordPress was all about – back when people blogged from the pleasure of sharing and not the dream of recognition from the masses – which it seems like some blogs are trying to achieve.


So from today who knows where/what I will post.  Because, truthfully, its about the journey that we all take; and not the end destination.



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One of Calvin’s fav sayings…

One of Calvin’s fav sayings to me is “arh to have first world problems”.  I hate this saying, and even more so when Calvin says it to me – generally around other people!  My current first world problem is picking another place to visit – not for 2017 but for 2018.


Yes, I plan that far ahead.  But when you see the depth of the research that I go to when we have travel plans – the length of time actually seems about right.  By the time we are leaving, I know the place inside out and back to front.  Since we have decided that 2017 is the year we re-explore New Zealand I don’t have that much research to do and I can give more time to 2018’s trip.

Which is kinda a special one for Calvin and myself, as July 2018 will be our 25th wedding anniversary – the first of the big ones!

Even Calvin said we should go somewhere special or nice – and really that is saying something; as he’s not just agreeing to go wherever I suggest LOL.

I have been thinking about this next trip since the beginning of the year – dreaming about places while exercising my heart out of my chest at the gym.  AND I think that I have finally worked somewhere out, well the region at least …. Europe!  Calvin wants to see Germany and I want to see London and Paris.  So I have, what only 540ish days left to work things out LOL


I am pretty sure that in that time I will be able to work something out.  And I have to say, Europe is a pretty tasty travel carrot to hang in front of me – Europe differently helps push me towards going to the gym each day :D.  Anyway I better get started and working things out to see.  If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below – I do love to from you all :X




Wordless Wednesdays


Decided to move Monday’s wordless photo post to Wednesday.  Here is a pic from our recent roadtrip around the United States of America…



Changing things up alittle for the new year  ❤