Im not so good with conformity … can you tell?

As you are guessing, I am not so good with conformity.  Posting to a ‘set’ structure really isn’t me and frankly, a tad constraining.  Blogging structure like, on Tuesdays we post about travel.  Wednesday, well Wednesdays are wordless; but you can throwback your Thursday’s ARHHHHHHH.  Yes YES, I know I can set my blog up how ever I wish too – there are no true set in stone rules or guidelines.  But after some time of blogging, certain styles and structure form; especially with certain types of blogs.  Sadly, the longer you blog; these structure become very clear and very standardised – and very done.  Even the themes and hashtags that we all use – they are, in a way – restricting our creativity.


But it seems the more I try to conform, the less I post.  And to be honest what is the point of towing the line when I am not enjoying it.  Especially when it seems that when I am free writing I seem to post frequently and most importantly – I feel I enjoy my blog as much as I hope the people that drop by do.  After a bit of time away and reflecting a few thoughts on exactly WHY I blog – I have decided to throw out all forms of conformity – and just get back to why I started in the first place.  From today I am going to blog whatever drops into my crazy uncomforted mind.  No longer will I constrict myself, my creatively nor my blog to travelling Tuesdays and wordless Wednesday’s.  HECK, I might throw caution into the wind and do a WEEK of wordlessness – why should Wednesday be so lucky and wordless? :O.


Just think of the scandal – no words for a week!  Then totally confuse everyone and write poems or recipes for the following week.  What is better?  Blogging to a set structure – where posts are forced and infrequent.  Or blogging for pleasure, sharing my adventures and creative self.  Getting back to the grass roots of just what WordPress was all about – back when people blogged from the pleasure of sharing and not the dream of recognition from the masses – which it seems like some blogs are trying to achieve.


So from today who knows where/what I will post.  Because, truthfully, its about the journey that we all take; and not the end destination.



I <3 Monday's

I Love Monday’s

Final plans are at hand…



Travel, Travel Tuesday

Live in 3…2…1…

Well with our trip to America coming up super fast now; I have started to think about how I am going to record our trip.  As in, taking photo’s, video, blogging etc etc etc.  One would think that being on the road and on holiday, you have all the spare time in the world to blog, relax, take photo’s and in general keep in contact with the family back home – buzzzzzz wrong!


I find that when we aren’t on the road, I actually find more spare time for these things.  So last week while off university; I was on the road a bit with Calvin.  He had a few meetings out of Auckland and I had time off from university – PERFECT timing.  Anyways…. while we were out and about I had a go at a few ‘live’ video options.  I wanted to see which would suit us the most.  Here’s what I found…



I tried this option first, mostly because I am now use to using snapchat and I didn’t require any extra knowledge on how do use it LOL!  While snapchat is very easy to use.  I do not have many friends on there so no one is really getting to see what/where we are.



Again, an app in which I use very often.  Instagram now has a live type story similar to snapchats.  Easy to post, but as like snapchat; is time limited in clip time AND you can only view for 24hrs then it disappears.  While I have more friends on my Instagram than my snapchat – I hear that the story time section of Instagram has not rolled out globally as yet.  SO that is a tad disappointing for friends that don’t have actual access to it even if they wanted too!



Ok, Facebook Live video is AWESOME, very easy to use, uploads automatically, and I get excited when I can see that people are watching us LIVE – which gives me a kick every time!  Only downer – my FB page is super personal – mostly family and actual real world friends.  While this is a problem for my blogger mates/followers it does solve my problems of my family being up to date on our travels and such.



This app like Facebook also has a live app – BUT that is where the similarities stop.  For Twitter’s live video you have to download an extra app to use within Twitter – HASSEL!  This extra app is called Periscope.  Which as yet, I have not downloaded and as such not tried out yet Twitter’s live video.  The ‘extra’ work that I have to do to use twitters live function has, sadly meant that I will try it later when I have the time to 1. download the app then 2. work out how to use it.


The twitter option could solve my problem of being able to share with my blogging mates/followers.  But twitter has not made this function as easy to use as the others have – this has meant that I simply haven’t tried it yet!  In today’s age where we want it faster than NOW – having to download an extra apps means it will have to wait until I have the time – most likely when we have returned from the USA and when I least will use it – so for me the twitter option – in twitter terms is a complete fail whale!


Do any of you use these live video options that I mentioned or other live options that I haven’t mentioned?


As always I love to hear what everyone else thinks or uses.  As I find opening up the comments for all – truely is a great way to share the knowledge!  Let me know your success or failure stories – we have 9 short weeks before we fly into LAX!!!