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Kick off…. one more week!

WELL – the time has almost arrived. And as usual, I haven’t posted in some TIME! Life getting in the way all the time LOL! Even though I haven’t posted a weekly post prior to the start of Project 52; I still have every intention to post every week for 2018.

To start with we are taking off this weekend for New Years – so at least I have fresh material for my first Project 52 post – PHEW. There is a lot planed for 2018 travel wise. To mention a few exciting planned event, a New Years Eve Ball, a week in Hawaii, and sailing the high seas from China to Australia – told you I had heaps to fill in the 52 weeks ūüėČ

So, what am I doing leading up to all this you ask? I COULD say planning, booking or even cleaning camera equipment. BUT that would be a little white lie – the truth is that I have been adding to our road tripping playlist and watching Netflix!

I did find the charger to the video camera and plugged it in! Does that count? In fairness -everything has been preplanned and booked so everything that needs to be done has kinda been done.

So – saying this, since today (New Zealand time) it is Friday, I better sign off, publish this and better start charging the camera batteries and dusting off Calvin’s tux and my cocktail dress for the ball!

With that – I wish you all a happy new year! Thanks for putting up with my posts and rants! Hope to see you back to follow my new project – Project 52!

Be safe – have fun – be happy!

‚̧ M xxx


Im not so good with conformity … can you tell?

As you are guessing, I am not so good with conformity. ¬†Posting to a ‘set’ structure really isn’t me and frankly, a tad¬†constraining. ¬†Blogging structure like, on Tuesdays we post about travel. ¬†Wednesday, well Wednesdays are wordless; but you can throwback your Thursday’s ARHHHHHHH. ¬†Yes YES, I know I can set my blog up how ever I wish¬†too – there are no true set in stone rules or guidelines. ¬†But after some time of blogging, certain styles and structure form; especially with certain types of blogs. ¬†Sadly, the longer you blog; these structure become very clear and very standardised – and very done. ¬†Even the themes and hashtags that we all use – they are, in a way – restricting our creativity.


But it seems the more I try to conform, the less I post. ¬†And to be honest what is the point of towing the line when I am not enjoying it. ¬†Especially when it seems that when I am free writing I seem to post frequently and most importantly – I feel I enjoy my blog as much as I hope the people that drop by do. ¬†After a bit of time away and reflecting a few thoughts on exactly WHY I blog – I have decided to throw out all forms of conformity – and just get back to why I started in the first place. ¬†From today I am going to blog whatever drops into my crazy uncomforted mind. ¬†No longer will I constrict myself, my creatively nor my blog to travelling Tuesdays and wordless Wednesday’s. ¬†HECK, I might throw caution into the wind and do a WEEK of wordlessness – why should Wednesday be so lucky and wordless? :O.


Just think of the scandal Рno words for a week!  Then totally confuse everyone and write poems or recipes for the following week.  What is better?  Blogging to a set structure Рwhere posts are forced and infrequent.  Or blogging for pleasure, sharing my adventures and creative self.  Getting back to the grass roots of just what WordPress was all about Рback when people blogged from the pleasure of sharing and not the dream of recognition from the masses Рwhich it seems like some blogs are trying to achieve.


So from today who knows where/what I will post.  Because, truthfully, its about the journey that we all take; and not the end destination.




Birds of a feather DON’T always flock together

So, you may or may not be aware – but I am a keen bird watcher.  Oddly enough I have a fear of one type of bird and an obsession with another.  OK OK, since we are talking about me – the odd part really isn’t that odd, say for example to any other person other than say …me.

So, back to the post at hand.  Which bird do I love you are asking?  Well, I just LOVE flamingos – there isn’t one thing that I don’t LOVE about them; HECK they are even considered a 70’s icon!   Come on who hasn’t wanted a big pink plastic flamingo to stick in their front lawn!!!  Basically, what I am saying is, that what is there not to love about the flamingo.  Just in case you’re not sold yet on how loveable the flamingo is, here are 10 reasons why I think they are…

  1. They are unusual looking and I like the unusual 
  2. They like to stand on one leg (again unusual) and researchers can not fully explain why they do this
  3. They come in so many colours – dont like pink – HEY they come in purple as well
  4. Put two flamingos together and at the right moment they are making a love heart!
  5. Their babies are cute fluffy grey and short – then grow into something of beauty
  6. Their name means ‘flame coloured’ – come on that’s cool in its self!
  7. The flamingo that is well fed is more colourful (meaning he gets the girl) so for once no skinny birds allowed- fat chicks ROCK!
  8. In ancient times – the flamingo was considered as the living representation of the sun God Ra – HEY –  I love the SUN!
  9. They are super social animals and prefer to flock together in groups of thousands – again I am super social LOL
  10. Lastly – I really REALLY like them!

On the other hand, I have a real fear for pelican’s.  Nope, I haven’t had any incident with pelicans in the past.  It’s just something about them that I dislike.

  1. For starters – they have beady little nasty eyes – their eyes are flat and soulless 
  2.  Again with their eyes – their eyes never stop staring at you.  No matter where you are standing its like they are looking at you
  3. I just cant get over the size of their bills – come on if you can fit another bird whole in your mouth (see picture above) – there has to be trust issues there!
  4. They defy gravity – nothing that big should be able to fly – yes that one you would think would be something I would like BUT…
  5. Their size isn’t all that it is meant to be – they are not heavy – their size is all about air – so they can float without effort – see again very shady (much like their staring eyes)
  6. Their name is derived from the word ‘pelekys’ which means axe like – *wide eyes* HELLO birds and axes don’t go together – not unless it is to do with thanksgiving dinner!
  7. Did I mention they have scary starry eyes – yes I did
  8. WELL, I just dont like the overall look of them LOL

In general, pelican’s freak me out a little – like I said, it is for no reason at all.  It is just that when I look into their eyes *brrrrrr* a cold chill goes over me like someone has walked over my (yet to be) grave or something!  I am just really freaked out by them.  All I can say, is just as well pelican’s are not so common in New Zealand – ok neither are flamingos.  But remember, we have only recently moved back to New Zealand from Australia- and in Australia pelicans are everywhere on the coast!

So, to end may your days be filled with sun, beautiful colours and not birds that like to stare you down…