Who’s a couch potato?

OK OK – you are not going to believe this but I just started ANOTHER blog.  Yes YES I know that is nuts!  Why don’t I just post here more?  Well, this new blog is only going to be about hiking in mostly New Zealand.  And I don’t really want to get side tracked on the new blog – I only want posts about hiking; here I rant and rave about anything and want to continue that as well.

SO NOT to stress – I am going to continue with this blog 😦 just in case you were worried LOL.


The new blog is called “The NOT so couch potato fat chick“.  All posts will come from me -Mabel, but if anyone wants to guess post – let me know – as long as it is about hiking/walking/tramping that I describe in my very first post – titled Who is the ‘not so couch potato…’ I am happy to add your posts.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know.  I you have the time – drop over and follow the new blog.  Let me know that I am know talking to myself over there LOL

Chat soon




BUT wait…. There is MORE!

In addition to the new regular posts… I have decided to have total random POP-UP posts.  These posts will always be while on the road or out and about.  Like I am currently – I’m sitting in a French tea shop that has shop made chocolates and chocolate related goodies AKA Mabel HEAVEN!

 These posts will all be in real time – as in – I type and then upload straight after I have finished.  They will be on random days – and will not be regular.  I decided that sometimes I just don’t want to wait to tell you want I have just seem or tasted or I just need to rant to someone – AND YOUR IT! 

WHY?  Well, sometimes I have an a need to just randomly say/post.  It is as simply as that!  

These pop-up posts will not have been planned and mostly be about our travels that we are currently doing.  Like for example…

WOW I just managed to scare the whole tea room and get every single person in here to look at ME…because I wasn’t looking where I was putting my teaspoon after stirring my tea, as I was distracted by rereading what I just typed – BANG teaspoon on the floor LOL – Sorry  room full of tea loving chocolate eaters – my bad :).  Actually, the posts should be more exciting than Mabel dropping a teaspoon; but you get where I am heading.  

This new post will just be random in every form.  In the place, the time, the topics and even when I post :).  And I hope you enjoy the future pop-ups!



30 Day Challenge, my life

Define “Random”

Randomran-duh m



Proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern: “The random selection of numbers.”


Odd and unpredictable in an amusing way: “My totally random life.”


I seem to be having too many random moments, so to me random is not so random.  Which got me to thinking – “what makes random so random then?”

Let me tell you some of my random moments in the past 2 weeks so you get where I am coming from;

Random #1:  I’m off on a drive, as I do some two hours out of Auckland.  Decided at the spur of the moment to pull over to the side of the road to take a photo RANDOM PHOTO OP, who do I bump into but an old Navy mate of Calvin’s that neither of us haven’t seen him in ages.

Random #2:  At the gym, new gym I might add, there is some RANDOM lady looking at me, watching me on the bike – just as I’m about to poke my tongue at her I think hold on that face is familiar.  As it turns out after a short chat the lady is a girl I went to high school with 20 something years ago!

Random #3:  Later that day while food shopping, right in the middle of the fruit and vege section I bump into yet another Navy blast from the past.  This time Calvin’s old bosses WIFE of all things.  While having a coffee with her…

Random #4:  A girl that I haven’t seen or heard of since I was like 7 years old taps me on the shoulder and says HI YA!  She said that she heard me laugh and KNEW it was me.



I was chatting to another old school mate about this the other day, she said that, “Random” happens to me more often because I am out and about in many different places more often than that of the average person so I get more random than the average.  I kinda like her reasoning.

What random things happen to you guys?  Do you have more random than the average or am I just one of those odd random people?  To that matter what is considered as the average?



Day 12 of 30…