Who’s a couch potato?

OK OK – you are not going to believe this but I just started ANOTHER blog.  Yes YES I know that is nuts!  Why don’t I just post here more?  Well, this new blog is only going to be about hiking in mostly New Zealand.  And I don’t really want to get side tracked on the new blog – I only want posts about hiking; here I rant and rave about anything and want to continue that as well.

SO NOT to stress – I am going to continue with this blog 😦 just in case you were worried LOL.


The new blog is called “The NOT so couch potato fat chick“.  All posts will come from me -Mabel, but if anyone wants to guess post – let me know – as long as it is about hiking/walking/tramping that I describe in my very first post – titled Who is the ‘not so couch potato…’ I am happy to add your posts.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know.  I you have the time – drop over and follow the new blog.  Let me know that I am know talking to myself over there LOL

Chat soon




Coffee Rant

My question to you, what is before I begin my rant…

Do you think cafe’s should charge for decaf?”


Now the RANT can begin LOL

Because they charge you for adding things to your coffee; like an extra shot of caffeine!  Yet, oddly they do not reduce the price when I ask for a half strength or one shot coffee?  SO why is this so?  How can it be – that they add charges for adding extra caffeine but seem to wave the fact over that they do not reduce the price for less or no caffeine at all?!


Now, I have been slowly reducing the amount of cafe coffee that I have been consuming since starting university.  I started this by reducing my coffee’ to only having one shot of coffee.  It was not until I decided to go full hog and go caffeine free that I discovered that while they have not been reducing the price of my one shot coffee’ they had the *insert rude word here* to add an extra charge for a caffeine free cup of coffee.

WELL – 1st and last time I order a coffee without the caffeine!

I really simply do not understand the coffee shop industry – they really do not care about their customers LOL…


It is enough to turn a coffee addict to tea!

I feel much better than that I have that off my chest.  So much so that I am off to grab a coffee – one shot from the cafe 😛

Chat soon…



P.S only 26 more days until we fly to America!


21 days!

Well, this is the last post in my latest posting challenge!  I have successfully made it to the end WITHOUT failing to post for the pass 21 days!


YES YES I have pushed it to the limit with a few posts being typed up and uploaded nearing midnight – but still even 1 second before midnight is still before the deadline LOL.  Thankfully my latest posting was not 1 second before but one hour :O


I have to say, that while I did manage to post every day; I do not really think that I have recreated a posting habit – as such.  Yes, I do agree that whenever you type/write frequently you find it way easier to create a new post.  BUT creating the habit – which was my intention, I feel was not achieved.  Maybe if I had set a time frame within the challenge – not as open ended with the set of rules?  I think that I need to work out a plan or timetable that will be easy to fit in around our busy lifestyle(s) and create the habit from there.  One that see’s me posting on here more often and reading other bloggers blogs as well!


Because really, after travels and photography, my next fav thing is planning and time management!



21 of 21!!!!!

Stay tuned …. something special happening on Monday…