Kick off…. one more week!

WELL – the time has almost arrived. And as usual, I haven’t posted in some TIME! Life getting in the way all the time LOL! Even though I haven’t posted a weekly post prior to the start of Project 52; I still have every intention to post every week for 2018.

To start with we are taking off this weekend for New Years – so at least I have fresh material for my first Project 52 post – PHEW. There is a lot planed for 2018 travel wise. To mention a few exciting planned event, a New Years Eve Ball, a week in Hawaii, and sailing the high seas from China to Australia – told you I had heaps to fill in the 52 weeks ūüėČ

So, what am I doing leading up to all this you ask? I COULD say planning, booking or even cleaning camera equipment. BUT that would be a little white lie – the truth is that I have been adding to our road tripping playlist and watching Netflix!

I did find the charger to the video camera and plugged it in! Does that count? In fairness -everything has been preplanned and booked so everything that needs to be done has kinda been done.

So – saying this, since today (New Zealand time) it is Friday, I better sign off, publish this and better start charging the camera batteries and dusting off Calvin’s tux and my cocktail dress for the ball!

With that – I wish you all a happy new year! Thanks for putting up with my posts and rants! Hope to see you back to follow my new project – Project 52!

Be safe – have fun – be happy!

‚̧ M xxx


The Local Tourist

At the dramatic end of our last big trip – where we missed our return flight to New Zealand. ¬†Due to Calvin being sped away by LA paramedics (from airside LAX – of all places!) ¬†Calvin and I have decided 2017 will be the year we become ‘local tourists’.


What is a local tourist you are thinking? ¬†Well, a local tourist is where you ‘visit’ your own town, and your own country – like a person would, that is, if they were visiting from another country. ¬†While Calvin and I have actually already toured from the tippy top to the flat bottom of New Zealand – many years ago. ¬†We have not re-explored much of New Zealand since moving back four years ago. ¬†Instead, we have seen more of Australia, Singapore, Fiji, and another massive roadie around the good old U.S of A; and that’s just since we moved back to New Zealand!


The funny thing is – while we were travelling around the U.S.A NOV/DEC 0f 2016. ¬†Everyone that we spoke too (and the list was many lol), all asked us… “why did you leave New Zealand to visit HERE!” ¬†Which, when you think about it – is a good question! ¬†Where have we been/seen in New Zealand in that time we have returned? ¬†Well, we have popped into Dunedin for a weekend, Wellington for our anniversary and let us not forget the many MANY day trips down to our fav hot pool (hot springs) spot down in Rotorua (aka Roto-vegas). ¬†We haven’t really seen/been anywhere else!


Don’t get me wrong, I geographically know New Zealand – I just don’t feel like I ‘know’ my own homeland. ¬†While I know all the places to see, the times of year to see it and a good part of the history that goes along with it. ¬†I DONT know her, not like some visitors do. ¬†And, sadly, not like I know other places in other countries. ¬†And, WELL, I see that as a big trouble that I/We really need to rectify – starting this year! ¬†So, that’s our plan for travel in 2017 – we will be re-seeing New Zealand and taking a ‘good old’ Kiwi Roadtrip! ¬†With, maybe the odd hop over the ditch to Sydney for a weekend to catch up with our friends we left behind ūüė¶ HEY nearly everyone says Sydney is an extension on New Zealand – so it’s not that out of the brief ūüėČ

Anyways, that’s it for this edition of my travel Tuesday session – HAPPY TT everyone ‚̧