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Washington DC Visit

As you are aware Calvin and I are returning to the United States of America for another mega road trip in November.  The route has pretty much been planned – for some time now but it’s the little things that I still need to sort out.  My intention is over my mid term break in a few weeks, that I will kick into full gear and complete the planning!

2016 road trip
the route for our 2016 USA road trip – no small feat!

Last weekend in between essay one and three, I decided to take a short break; I started to search for places to see and things to do in Washington DC.  It is not our 1st time in DC, so I wanted to see things that we haven’t been able too in the past.  The White House being one.  I had been told that over seas visitors cannot tour the White House – but having a five minute search online I found a few sites on how to get access.  It seems a little silly BUT you have to contact your embassy for them to forward your details to the White House for them to contact you and let you know… wait for it… that you can do a self-guided tour by OURSELVES!  Really, ALL that hassle so we can walk around without a guide?  But HEY it’s another country and another set of rules/ways and who am I do say its wrong or odd lol.


So off I go to contact my embassy… I had read on other travel sites forget contacting your embassy they never get back to you, they are not helpful blah blah blah.  Well, the New Zealand embassy must be slightly different than other embassies?  Because within 24 hours of my email, a staffer from the DC NZ embassy replied to my email – sadly not with the news I wanted to read – BUT they did reply – YAY the Kiwi Embassy RULES LOL :O.

For anyone from NZ that is thinking about contacting the embassy here is the reply we received…

Unfortunately, unprecedented levels of demand from within the US have significantly reduced the number of places available on White House tours for overseas visitors. As a result, we unfortunately cannot process any further applications.

We understand this is a disappointing policy for many, however the situation is due to factors outside of our control….

The email then went on to mention other places that we could visit and how to sort out tickets etc.  While it was not the reply I was hoping for; it was fast and I was not put out by waiting around not knowing what was happening like most of the complaints I read online were about.  I did read a post that said even though you are not a USA citizen you can still contact a state congressperson for them to forward your details to the White House, for the White House to you contact you, to let you know when you can do a self guided tour :L


We decided to flag-it and just look from the outside LOL


10 of 21…

doubles anyone?

Well, we have finally reached the double digits with the countdown to our USA mega road trip!


You watch time will slow down from now on!  This always seems to happen to me?  Time flows at a supersonic speed right up to this point – then BANG every day that we get nearer to our flight  – I feel like as if I am Neo stopping Mr. Smith bullets BUT in my case the bullets represent time.


Though, I should say that the complete stoppage of time doesn’t truely occur until we are about 2 weeks out, the real kicker happens day before the flight – really it feels as if with each minute that passes; another minute adds to the end of the day!  AND the day we fly out – well that is intense, nail pulling, watching the pot boil beyond belief LONGEST day of the year!  What makes it worse, is that our flight does not take off until 11PM.  YEP – I will wake at the crack of dawn; all excited, rearing to go – and I will just have to sit and wait, and W A I T!  Calvin on the other hand; will be the lucky one – he at least will have a full day at work before flying out…


… ME – on the other hand – well the cat ‘gif’ says it all 😀 

Til tomorrow


Day 3 of 21