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T Minus six weeks to Project 52

Six whole weeks before our 2018 Project 52 kicks off!  So far I have laid most of the groundwork for creating a travel-related outing for 52 weekends.  This ever so little foundation is a pretty good start.  The groundwork consists of me working out the ‘how’s’.


  • How am I going to work everything out?
  • How am I going to blog about the project?
  • How am I going to convince Calvin this project is just what he needs to complete his life!

So far, I have started with the easy ‘how’s’.  Like how am I going to organise the travel details?  I decided the best plan was to keep it simple, and I have split my “Travel Recipe Book” into four categories:

  1. Day road trips
  2. Weekender’s
  3. NZ long road trips
  4. International Trips

Now, I had to add number 4, mostly because I know we have at least two international flights lined up for 2018, and those are planned travels.  If I don’t account for international outings, either personal or work-related – I will fail to complete the 52-weekend challenge.  And failure my friends is not an option I am not open too.


Rule number one in project management: ALWAYS count on something unexpected cropping up!  The unexpected is ALWAYS expected – this way even if something out of the blue pops up, you can adjust and continue on the planned track seamlessly.

In regards to the question, how am I going to blog about the project?  I decided at least in the planning stages; I will blog once a week – at this stage, I am thinking every Monday (New Zealand time).  I will, of course, rethink the frequency once the project is in full swing – but at a minimum, again at least one post once a week even during the project sounds like a feasible option in our busy lives.

I still haven’t worked out my how to ‘Calvin’ issue – but after this long, I am sure I will be able to iron out that issue once I put my mind to it.  And anyway, that’s a post in its self LOL!  Til next week my friends, when the countdown to the start date is one week nearer!




Project 52, Travel

The Planner in Me!

Hello everyone, LONG time no chat!  So disappointing when your working life takes over your personal life – the work-life balance becomes unbalanced, and own individual pleasures get pushed to the sidelines.  Sadly, for me, blogging was one of those that were side-lined.  That is, it was – I have taken my professional skills, being that of the most AWESOME time management person and decided that my personal life needs to be managed (a little).

work life balance web

It’s funny really when you think about it – for work, I am the most time managed person in the world.  I create a plan of tasks and knock them off like a cat knocks off your favourite vase on the bookshelf – almost ninja-like, with speed and ease!  In my personal life, when it comes to travel – I throw my task book on the roadside and end up in the general that my nose points too.  The fallout from this is that I don’t get to do everything I have wanted to do, and I have to return then to finish off what I have started.  Or I miss one thing because some shiny other something has caught my eye – and off I go on some tangent.  Well – this is no more.

Don the cat

This morning I was at the door of my local stationary store waiting for them to open – I stocked up on all that has to do with time management and planning (yes I am a stationery addict, and yes I used this as an excuse to buy more paper and paper related products LOL).  I am going to plan all the road trips I have EVER wanted to do in New Zealand and record everything down.  In these plans, I will record if they are one-dayer, weekender’s, or the more time consuming – “Calvin we are taking a week” off’ers.   I am hoping that I will use these plans much like a cook uses a recipe to bake a cake.  AND YES – I am going to start up a blogging project that coincides with all my future planned travel recipe cards!  What a perfect plan – IF I can time manage my personal life!

I have been thinking about this for some time now – but keep pushing it to the side.  Assuming that “work is too busy atm” or “next weekend” and my personal favourite “I’ll start that after this quick road trip”.  Each time pushing it further and further away from actually being completed – heck from actually being started!

That is until now – as from today until the end of this year, I am going to start planning and writing up travel recipes.  Because what a good Project Manager knows is that all the best projects look seamless ONLY because a person and/or team has taken the time to prep and plan before the projects kick off.


“Project 52” will kick off from the 1st weekend in January 2018.  Having a start date which is seven weeks away, will give me the time to plan and research future recipe cards.  Additionally, to also start to create a working model of the how’s, what’s and when’s; and more importantly, to begin to work out how I am going to talk Calvin into this project!!!!

Wish me LUCK for convincing Calvin people – because everything else is totally achievable! 


Sitting in the airport lounge looking around

So I am currently sitting in the Air New Zealand lounge in Auckland (NZ).  I kid you not – there is STANDING room only and a line out the door waiting for space to free up  :O.  I am so glad that we are early airport arrivers.  We have had our pre-flight breakfast, 2 cups of coffee and bonus we also have a comfy spot to sit and watch the mad dash when a seat frees up.  I flew out a this time of day a few weeks ago – decided that since the main terminal was pretty much empty that I wouldn’t worry about heading into the lounge – I now see why LOL.

Today we are heading to Sydney Australia for a mini long weekend.  Things to do and people to see – I am guessing we won’t have a minute to spare and will return to work on Monday like we have run a marathon!  We have a busy month of zipping around, so we are very lucky that I time manage so well 😛 makes for less stress.  Anyway – this post isn’t really about anything – I just felt that I should look like my fingers doing some work and not just sitting here, aimlessly people watching.  Well – I am people watching at the same time BUT I am also looking as if I am busy working on “important business manners” – shhhhhh I’m not LOL.

Well, it’s it – just a quickie HI everyone  before we head to our gate