Coffee Rant

My question to you, what is before I begin my rant…

Do you think cafe’s should charge for decaf?”


Now the RANT can begin LOL

Because they charge you for adding things to your coffee; like an extra shot of caffeine!  Yet, oddly they do not reduce the price when I ask for a half strength or one shot coffee?  SO why is this so?  How can it be – that they add charges for adding extra caffeine but seem to wave the fact over that they do not reduce the price for less or no caffeine at all?!


Now, I have been slowly reducing the amount of cafe coffee that I have been consuming since starting university.  I started this by reducing my coffee’ to only having one shot of coffee.  It was not until I decided to go full hog and go caffeine free that I discovered that while they have not been reducing the price of my one shot coffee’ they had the *insert rude word here* to add an extra charge for a caffeine free cup of coffee.

WELL – 1st and last time I order a coffee without the caffeine!

I really simply do not understand the coffee shop industry – they really do not care about their customers LOL…


It is enough to turn a coffee addict to tea!

I feel much better than that I have that off my chest.  So much so that I am off to grab a coffee – one shot from the cafe😛

Chat soon…



P.S only 26 more days until we fly to America!

Tad overwhelmed I am…

If you have been stopping by the past few weeks, you would have noticed that I haven’t been posting.  Mostly because I am a tad overwhelmed at the present!  I have just returned from a few family weekend travels, a visit from a very dear friend from Australia and university is coming to an end – so there are many assignments, tests, and lab work to be completed and handed in.  Really is sad of me to complain when my real world life impede on my online life – but I guess this happens to all of us every now and them.

But saying all this, I only have a mere 24 more days of overwhelment left – then I will be posting about being REALLY BORED!  

What’s that saying again?  It never rains, it pours!  Always the way I guess.

Anyway, as I just mentioned – my university life will be completed very soon; in saying that it will be all done and dusted in only 24 days!  Then I will only have to wait for my exam results – and graduation TIME!  How fast as the last three years GONE!  Time flys I guess when you are getting older :O

SO – I better get back to trying to finishing everything that is in front of me!  I just wanted to let you know that I will most likely be a little slack for the next week or so while my real world life overwhelm’s me😦



P.S only 38 days until we head to America!