Blogging, Hump Day Wednesday

Coffee – I love it – sometimes…

If you didn’t already know, I like my coffee. Now as always, I am not a normal coffee drinker. It just would not be in true form if I was a normal coffee drinker now would it LOL. I oddly only drink coffee when I am out or travelling. I very rarely drink coffee at home or at someone else’s home. While I am at home or visiting a friends house, I then become a tea drinker? Work that one out???

Saying this, even though I only drink coffee while I am out and about I have noticed a very gradual change with my coffee purchases. Over the years the average price of a takeaway coffee has increased. Nothing surprising there. BUT it is the size of the takeaway cup that has me questioning things. The size of the average take away coffee has slowly decreased. To the point the other day that I had to ask the lady at the counter if she had given me the incorrect order or the incorrect size. My coffee was THAT small, I truely believed she had given me someone else’s or she had misheard my order 😱.

Now, I am not a coffee snob, BUT it is sad that I almost have to give in to the sheep and go to a chained coffee shop (see cartoon logo on the Zombie for which one). And even then, I have to order what I considered to be a large coffee and ask for a Venti. Isn’t large, large? I can hear you all shouting out COFFEE SNOB. BUT outside of America, Zombie-Buck coffees just simply aren’t the best. They are WAY too sweet and hardly ever taste like a coffee. I am guessing this is mostly because they use their own branded milk – overly sweet American tasting milk.

NOW – stop right there if you are about to slam me for American-bashing. I love America and LOVE visiting America. You just have to read past posts to see how much I love America – HECK, I have visited 47 of 50 American States. In my opinion, I just find America a tad too sweet favoured – food wise, but that is a whole other post and I will have to leave that for another day. As, I am currently out and about, and my coffee order has just been called – well they called out Fable – so I am guessing that’s Mabel.




You know what…

Here I am sitting in another airport lounge thinking mmmm what should I do to fill in time? Normally its a no brainer – I knock up a post and BOOM its time to head to the gate! But since I decided to stop posting because of small minded jealousy – all that I do now is people watch. And that gets boring when you are waiting 3 hours to board a plane!!!!!

So, I decided blow them, why should I have to stop doing something because a few nasty sad stay-ins who decide to stay at home watching tv and cry about me getting out there!

So – did you miss me? Because I kinda missed all you guys. If you are wondering why all of a sudden I have returned – well I decided to unfriend a few nasty people on my facebook and simply not care if I upset a few others that I didn’t. Because they don’t seem to care that they upset me?

So to catch you all up.

We have a few trips coming up over the next months. I am currently sitting in the Air New Zealand lounge waiting to head to Brisbane for a long weekend. July, Calvin and I are taking a weekender to the South Island, Dunedin. Then in August we will be heading off for a month long trip which starts in China and ends in Australia. I think we might see the New Year in, in Brisbane and I am currently in negotiations with Calvin for a mini break in January

Now if you have read this and you have an issue with our travels – its your issue not mine – I love my life, its not my fault you don’t love yours! Please simply don’t return to my blog and if you really can’t stand me, you are more than welcome to unfriend me on Facebook or Twitter. But if you have read this and think – hate you … PLEASE post more LOL – then you are welcome back and virtual hugs …

LOVE being back Bit@hes! AND look at that – its nearly time to head to the gate!!!!




Caring too much what other people think…

Caring too much what other people think and are saying about when we travel has been the number one reason to why I have stopped blogging and posting images. Yes, even someone in their 40’s can be effected by peer pressure and bullying. So over the past few months I was brought aware of a few *cough* “friends” that have been speaking behind my back. Friends that have been saying things on the line of “how I/we have been showing off by taking road trips or flying here and there”. These people have little to no grey matter, as they were speaking to (known) real friends – friends that let me know straight away what was being said behind my back.

So this post is to explain why I disappeared and why our project 52 is not being published. I say published, because we have gone ahead with the project, I am just not posting about it. I wasn’t going to explain why I stopped; I was just going to stop posting. But not explaining isn’t fair to the friends and readers that have enjoyed dropping by to see what we have been up too. So here is goes, why I have stopped.

Sadly, I actually care what people think about me. I actually care that I could be upsetting others by our adventures. Now please don’t take this the wrong way. This post is NOT because I want to get reactions like, “Mabel, NOOOO, don’t stop posting, we like your posts”. Because that has already happened. I am posting this post because I want these ‘so called friends’ to know that that I know. I want them to become aware that saying unkind things about others can and has had consequences. I also want these people to know their actions are showing their children how to act and how to treat others. Which is extremely sad, shameful and dangerous.

So, while I haven’t stopped traveling – road tripping and flying about; for now, I have stopped sharing our adventures.

Which means my so called friends – I am not missing out. You are. For now – this is goodbye. Happy travels my friends :]