As I mentioned the other day, Calvin and I have joined a new club…


Toast Masters

Because that is just what I need to learn Р to be MORE of an out spoken person, that can talk easily in public or large groups LOL.

OK, OK now people you can stop with the laughing, and those that have met me in the real world – you can cut out the sarcasmūüėõ


Even some of the best, well known public speakers have a fear of speaking in public.  While I can talk until I am blue in the face and most likely under water was well РI do feel my heart trying to jump out of the throat and run down the road every time I have to stand up and speak in a public forum Рeven in class when I am not standing and I am a mere dot sitting in a crowd of 200 plus people.


So, we decided that it will be something fun to do every 2nd week together Рbonus we get to meet new people and hear new stories.  This evening Рsomehow I have been talked into competing in a club comp night.  For some reason they believe I am fearless and funny.  This might have been because the first night we went to toastmasters (as guests) I jumped up and successfully spoke on a random (table) topic Рnamely Рthe USA current political saga.  AND then won the trophy for the funnest off the hip talk for the evening!

What can I say – I can perform when under the gun LOL


I will let you know later if I was able to return to my first evenings success or face plant and end up a crying mess on the floor – looking around for my heart that like a rat on sinking ship – jumps and makes a run for it :O


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Update on the continuing coffee saga

WELL, since posting about being a  Coffee Addict a little while back.  Where I was discussing my intention to cut back on not only my (cafe) coffee intake BUT also my competitive drive to reach the free click/coffee on my, way too many coffee rewards cards.

Here is an update…


I have managed to reach my caffeine reward on 4 reward cards since posting :O.  With each replacement card that they have offered РI drew the will power to either rip up the new card or flat out politely refuse the replacement all together :O


I still have 2 free coffees waiting for there collection and 6 others half way to my caffeinated rich liquid reward.  Soon I will be down to only 3 Рthe 3 that allow rewards from not only coffee but tea as well Рthese 3, I have decided Рcan stay LOL



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You know you should never rush a lady!

Well, I don’t know about a lady, but you should never rush ME lol. ¬†Lately I have been getting a lift into uni with Calvin. ¬†I am one of those odd people that does not mind catching public transport – so lift in with the hubby and bus home in the afternoon. ¬†This morning we slept in (again). ¬†Unlike the usual, I have not packed my uni stuff the evening before. ¬†So our usual sleep in – has actually made us late LOL. ¬†Rushing about grabbing this and that, trying to lessen the lateness…


You can see where this is going right? ¬†I have walked out the front door and forgotten my bus pass :L ¬†So it looks like full fare for my carriage home this evening. ¬†With the additional inconvenience of having to take actual cash out to pay for the fare! ¬†OH the looks I will get from the 99% of people with the super fast tag on/off hop cards (thats the electronic payment system here in Auckland). ¬†Which I have, just not on me at the momentūüė¶


And everyone think dry and warm thoughts today please Рwe want today to be rain free, because yes Рthe umbrella is sitting right next the my hop (bus) pass on my desk Рat home and NOT in my bag Рwith me :L


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