Caring too much what other people think…

Caring too much what other people think and are saying about when we travel has been the number one reason to why I have stopped blogging and posting images. Yes, even someone in their 40’s can be effected by peer pressure and bullying. So over the past few months I was brought aware of a few *cough* “friends” that have been speaking behind my back. Friends that have been saying things on the line of “how I/we have been showing off by taking road trips or flying here and there”. These people have little to no grey matter, as they were speaking to (known) real friends – friends that let me know straight away what was being said behind my back.

So this post is to explain why I disappeared and why our project 52 is not being published. I say published, because we have gone ahead with the project, I am just not posting about it. I wasn’t going to explain why I stopped; I was just going to stop posting. But not explaining isn’t fair to the friends and readers that have enjoyed dropping by to see what we have been up too. So here is goes, why I have stopped.

Sadly, I actually care what people think about me. I actually care that I could be upsetting others by our adventures. Now please don’t take this the wrong way. This post is NOT because I want to get reactions like, “Mabel, NOOOO, don’t stop posting, we like your posts”. Because that has already happened. I am posting this post because I want these ‘so called friends’ to know that that I know. I want them to become aware that saying unkind things about others can and has had consequences. I also want these people to know their actions are showing their children how to act and how to treat others. Which is extremely sad, shameful and dangerous.

So, while I haven’t stopped traveling – road tripping and flying about; for now, I have stopped sharing our adventures.

Which means my so called friends – I am not missing out. You are. For now – this is goodbye. Happy travels my friends :]



Project 52, Travel

Week one has arrive!

Welcome 2018 what took you so long!

With the start of the new year – starts our new project – Project 52.

Project 52, in brief is where I am (hoping to) travel and post every weekend of 2018! Since the 1st January 2018 is a Monday, I thought I would drop in and pre post – YEP the PROJECT is a GO!


As such, we are currently away – for the sake of the project you know LOL. And to aide with all the details, photos and material that I am and will be collecting while we are on the road; I am using a neat journal app called ‘Day One’. Since a lot of my fellow bloggers are also avid journal writers I wanted to share. Β It’s hard to find good apps for daily journaling and when you do – its nice idea to pass on the love and share πŸ˜‰

So the day has finally arrived – the start of 2018 and PROJECT 52 – woohoo… hope to see you back next week…



Project 52, Travel

Kick off…. one more week!

WELL – the time has almost arrived. And as usual, I haven’t posted in some TIME! Life getting in the way all the time LOL! Even though I haven’t posted a weekly post prior to the start of Project 52; I still have every intention to post every week for 2018.

To start with we are taking off this weekend for New Years – so at least I have fresh material for my first Project 52 post – PHEW. There is a lot planed for 2018 travel wise. To mention a few exciting planned event, a New Years Eve Ball, a week in Hawaii, and sailing the high seas from China to Australia – told you I had heaps to fill in the 52 weeks πŸ˜‰

So, what am I doing leading up to all this you ask? I COULD say planning, booking or even cleaning camera equipment. BUT that would be a little white lie – the truth is that I have been adding to our road tripping playlist and watching Netflix!

I did find the charger to the video camera and plugged it in! Does that count? In fairness -everything has been preplanned and booked so everything that needs to be done has kinda been done.

So – saying this, since today (New Zealand time) it is Friday, I better sign off, publish this and better start charging the camera batteries and dusting off Calvin’s tux and my cocktail dress for the ball!

With that – I wish you all a happy new year! Thanks for putting up with my posts and rants! Hope to see you back to follow my new project – Project 52!

Be safe – have fun – be happy!

❀ M xxx