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Apple back flips

You maybe asking what the heck is an “apple back flip”?  No nothing sadly to do with pancakes or even whipped cream to that fact :(.  An apple flip is simply that I have gone back to an iPhone (last iPhone for me was a 4S) after years of being on the Samsung smartphone’s.


I have notice that since I have change over completely from PC to Apple, I like having all my ‘toy’s’ as Calvin calls it the same brand -it was a slow process, at first with the purchase of my apple air book over a year ago (laptop for pc users) then in recent months the purchase of my iMac (desktop) computer (which I am sooooo in love with).  I have found myself wanting to return to an iPhone.  Ever since apple came out with the Samsung look-a-like iPhone 6 with the bigger screens and all.  YES YES true apple believers will say that it looks nothing like the Samsung’s – but if you sit them side by side – I AM SORRY TO SAY TRUE APPLE BELIEVERS – THEY DO.

I don’t care about that, all I care about is that I am over my massive Samsung Note 3 and want to return to the apple fold – again sadly not talking about food but the fact that I want to make my apple family complete (again)!

Which I am happy to say, I did so over the weekend – well Calvin did (since I am a student and have no income) Calvin brought me a iPhone 6 (it’s good to have a sugar daddy – LOL).  He brought me the standard 6 not the plus, while I  did take a look at the iPhone 6 Plus, I decided that I didn’t actually need the bigger (plus) size phone – not for my current needs or requirements, so I just went for the standard size.

2015-02-01 16.00.32
my new phone 🙂

AND oh it’s like riding a bike, everything came back to me – all the iPhone shortcuts and tricks that I had mastered and not used for years.  BIG bonus is that 90% of the people that I chat to in the real world have iPhones as well – so goodbye KiK and HELLO iMessage – oh how I so missed you.  Even the anti-apple user Calvin has an iPhone – though not by choice I might add – he has one purely because that is what his work gave him.  So I am off to look for a new kooky case for my new phone and to continue to install and play with new apps and get to know my way again around the iPhone.

Chat later 🙂




16 thoughts on “Apple back flips”

      1. I have a bluetooth keyboard and use mine instead of a laptop, Mabel. It does all of the email and Internet blog work that I need. 🙂 It’s so much more portable.

  1. I love my iphone. I think it’s the easiest thing in the world to use. LIKE IT KNOWS ME, Mabel! I have friends with the other giant phone, and I’m not impressed. Dunno how well I’ll like the six either. I have small hands!

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