Casual Friday's, Hump Day Wednesday

OK So … I can post at will now…

So I can post at ‘will’ now.  This morning I decided that for inspiration should head to my fav (and very old fashioned) cafe.  I order my posting meal – which is English Breakfast tea and a bagel. 

And go totally BLANK!  Normally, when I hit this dreaded posting idea ‘wall’; I start some crazy posting/writing challenge.  Well, that isn’t going to work – as we will soon be on the road again – and posting regularly on the road (forget being on the other side of the world) is – well tough!

GEE I cant win, can I.  Last few weeks, where I haven’t had the time to post.  I have been full of ideas – ideas all running around and throughout my head when I least needed it!  Like for example, as I was trying to write an essay or start my exam prep.  NOW, that everything is pretty much done and dusted – poof all ideas have GONE – vanished – like they were never there!

Well at least the ‘time’ hasn’t stopped (yet) and the trip is coming up strong and fast – only 2 weeks before we fly out to L.A.  

I will spend the next day or so and up and coming weekend to try and remember all the fantastic posts.   All the posts that were flowing free and happy, I trying to get other work finished.  I guess there is one good thing from not having time to post lately – I have a few images all lined up for my weekly Monday image posting!  At least I cant get bloggers block with Monday’s post…

Lets see how I go recalling those ideas then…




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